he European Union has had formal competence in the field of labour migration for more than a decade. But the actual scope and impact of the EU in this field – with the macroscopic exception of the massive boost to East-West mobility given by enlargements – has so far been limited. Within LAB-MIG-GOV, the current and potential role of the EU in the European labour migration governance system is analysed by the European Policy Centre through a variety of tools including policy briefs, working papers and the periodical meetings of a stakeholders’ task force.

Policy briefs

  • A success story for the EU and seasonal workers’ rights without reinventing the wheel

    Alex Lazarowicz – 28 March 2014

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  • The Intra-Corporate Transferees Directive: time to break the deadlock

    Alex Lazarowicz – 8 April 2013

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  • EU Single Permit Directive: a small step forward in EU migration policy

    Y. Pascouau and S. McLoughlin – 24 January 2012

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    Issue papers

    • Intra-EU mobility: the ‘second building block’ of EU labour migration policy

      Y. Pascouau – May 2013

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    • Task force

      • Task force on EU Labour Migration Governance – Concept Note

      • Background Note Workshop 1

        “Defining the needs” – Does the EU need labour migration?

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      • Background Note Workshop 2

        “Framing the systems”

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      • Background Note Workshop 3

        “Developing external relations”

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