• Labour migration governance in transition. Continuity and Change in Egypt and Tunisia (2011-2015)

    Ibrahim Awad and Hedayat Selim, February 2015

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  • EU labour migration policy by other means?

    Yves Pascouau, January 2015

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The main results and key findings of the LAB-MIG-GOV project are now illustrated in a special issue of the open access journal Comparative Migration Studies which has just been published (“The Governance of Migrant Labour Supply in Europe, Before and During the Crisis” – Guest Editor: Ferruccio Pastore).

  • The Governance of Migrant Labour Supply in Europe, Before and During the Crisis

    Guest Editor: Ferruccio Pastore – December 2014

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  • Labour immigration policy in Britain and France: seeking functional alternatives?

    by C. Devitt

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  • The role of expert knowledge in labour migration policy-making. The cases of Italy and Sweden

    by M. Quirico- February 2014

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  • Negotiating labour migration – A comparison of French and Spanish Bilateral Labour Agreements with Morocco

    by A. Jolivel – February 2014

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  • High Skilled Migration in Germany and Spain

    by C. Finotelli – February 2014

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  • The internationalization of European care regimes – A concept paper

    by E. Salis – October 2013

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  • Intra-EU mobility: the ‘second building block’ of EU labour migration policy

    by Y. Pascouau – May 2013

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  • Mobility partnerships in a third country perspective: The case of EU-Moldova Migration cooperation

    by E. Buracec – October 2012

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  • Immigration policy and migrant labour market outcomes in the European Union: New evidence from the EU Labour Force Survey

    by A. Cangiano – School of Economics, University of the South Pacific – June 2012

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  • Nevertheless Attracting – Italy and Immigration in Times of Crisis

    by F. Pastore and C. Villosio – February 2011

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  • Managing migration through the crisis – Evolving Patterns in European Policies on Labour Migration and Mobility

    by F. Pastore – November 2010

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